Roasted Gram

Whole black grams or dry roasted chana (chickpeas) are typically eaten as a snack in Pakistan. The nutritional data proves chana to be an amazing source of fibre, protein, folate, minerals and fatty acids. This snack is packed with energy and low in fat, and it works well to satisfy hunger, keeping blood sugar levels stable. Chanas are dry roasted with the skin on a slow flame till they are crisp. This helps to retain the freshness and crispness of chana and enhances the flavour as well. These chanas are easily available in the Indian market. They are consumed as it is as snacks and also be used in the preparation of a variety of dishes.

We are providing a large variety of import quality flavored masala Roasted Gram importer From Pakistan that are considered to be a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. These are most commonly consumed during breakfast due to their high nutritional values. In addition to this, our offered items are extremely delicious and give a mouth watering flavor to your taste buds. The said chickpeas are easy to digest and improve the digestive system as well. Roasted Grams can be eaten in different forms of dishes as well as snack at the time of supper. These are cultivated in a hygienic environment and are free from adulterant or chemical. Moreover, our offered items are available in different sizes of packaging. These are helpful in weight management. As your Roasted Gram importer From Pakistan Raheel Impex delivers quick and efficient quality products with a high regard for our customer's requirements.