Cumin Seeds

Regarded as the speed spice, cumin seeds are largely grown in hot climates. Pakistan is the leading producer and consumer of the commodity. Lahore along with Karachi is the leading cultivator of the spice. Lahore has good normal rains which makes it preferable to other states. Karachi is regarded as one of the major terminal markets for Cumin seeds. Needless to say we are based in Karachi and can import the best cumin seeds.

Cumin is a seed spice well known for its medicinal properties in Pakistan and many other Asian countries. A native of the land of Mediterranean, Cumin is now grown mainly in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, China and parts of America. A speed spice, cumin is grown mainly in hot climatic conditions. Pakistan is the largest producer and consumer of Cumin in the world. Indian output is currently estimated to be around 200,000 ton per year. Lahore and Karachi are the major production centers of the spice in the country.

However, seasonal nature of the crop and fluctuations in global demand and supply also influences the price in the country. In Pakistan, Cumin is sown in October-November and harvested in February. Fresh crop generally reaches the market during March. Unjha in Gujarat is the main trading centre for Jeera in the country. Peshawar, Hyderabad and Karachi are also known as major terminal markets for Jeera.